199Z Fest: A Scrapbook

On August 16th 2017, fans from across the city congregated in Adelaide Hall for the first-ever 199Z Fest. Masterminded by Toronto creative collective 199Z, the showcase highlighted the talents of 13 local artists, all of whom are ascending the ranks of Toronto’s music scene. Between bouts of colorful commentary by Marlon Palmer (ThatDudeMCFLY), audience members had the opportunity to witness the early stages of artists on the rise. Every performance was well-prepared and energetic, and the artistry shined through. 199Z Fest was just further reassurance that Toronto is — and will continue to be — a creative powerhouse. Join us in reminiscing on the night with our scrapbook. Thanks again to the 199Z for having us. Photos by Ziyaad Haniff.

A big thank you to all the performers (in order of appearance): Gyles, Elcee The Artist, Savadouchi, Aiza, Ikeno, Sayzee, Seth Dyer, Liza, Mobi Mawla, Ebhoni, Keffaleng, Mickey Blue, and Derin Falana. Support your local artists and give them a listen!

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