Daniel Caesar: Journey to Danforth Music Hall – Video

Daniel Caesar has come a long way. Shortly after the release of his latest project, Freudian, the accolades started rolling in; widespread acclaim for the album, an opportunity to headline five nights at Danforth Music Hall, and even two Grammy nominations. At the heart of it all: a young man’s journey from the comforts of Oshawa to the big city of Toronto. Over 60 kilometers away, Daniel Caesar, born Ashton Simmonds, took his talents downtown to pursue the life he really wanted.

Our goal was to depict just how arduous this journey is. Starting at his high school, Kingsway College, we travel to Downtown Toronto, simulating what a young Daniel may have seen. It’s been well-documented that Daniel made the difficult decision to couch surf, and at times, sleep outside when arrangements couldn’t be made. And in light of his impending concert series at the esteemed venue, we found it fitting to expand upon his initial journey and portray the distance between Danforth Music Hall and Trinity Bellwoods Park, where he’s frequently said to have slept on a bench. Follow Daniel’s Journey to Danforth Music Hall below.

Video shot and edited by Kevin Young of Innerspeak. You can find more of their work here.


Freudian is available now on your favourite streaming services.