Sharing is more than a button.
Art is more than a number.
Careful is more than music.
It’s easy to be complacent. Let’s be more.

Let’s challenge a culture that’s normalized likes, follows, and views as the end goal of online discourse. Let’s tackle our biases, and subvert the assumption that more of the same is all that we want. Let’s remember that self-expression is a weapon for some and a responsibility for others, a birthright that’s birthed rights and toppled titans alike.

It can bring us together or tear us apart. There’s more at stake than good reads and good vibes.

Be More Careful.

Careful is a music blog based out of Toronto, Ontario. We are dedicated to pushing the state of public discourse forward. Join us as we celebrate the power of art and those who wield it.

Looking to learn more about Careful? Interested in collaborating? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at carefulsubmissions[at]gmail.com.